Doctoral Program in Medical Microbiology Education Curriculum

The DME program will cover 135 credit hours. These hours include lecture and directed study courses, journal club, research, qualifying exams, teaching practicums and a dissertation defense. The first two years consist mainly of course work but culminates with the candidate making an original innovative research proposal which will form the foundation of their research project. The third-year culminates in a qualifying examination and the fourth year culminates in a public oral defense of the student’s dissertation project. A year-by-year breakdown of the coursework is provided below.

Year One
Fall Credits
Medical Microbiology and Immunology6
Introduction to Research Techniques1
Principles of Antimicrobial Therapy2
Journal Club1
Educational Research Methods2.5
Innovative Teaching Strategies in Microbiology4
Microbial Pathogenesis4
Journal Club II1
Educational Statistics2.5
Educational Psychology for Medical Education3.5
Clinical Teaching Skills3.5
Year Two
Advanced Topics in Medical Microbiology I2
Medical Microbiology Teaching I7
Research I3
Journal Club III1
Research Applications of Biostatistics2
Educational Scholarship I: Needs & Rationale2
Advanced Topics in Medical Microbiology II2
Medical Microbiology Teaching II2.5
Research II3
Journal Club IV1
Effective Lecturing Skills2.5
Educational Scholarship II: Goals & Objectives2
Educational Scholarship III: Strategies & Assessment2
Education Assessment and Evaluation2.5
Research: Proposal3
Year Three
Advanced Topics in Medical Microbiology III2
Medical Microbiology Teaching III7
Dissertation I4
Journal Club V1
Administrative Skills3.5
Advanced Topics in Medical Microbiology IV2
Medical Microbiology Teaching IV2.5
Dissertation II4
Journal Club VI1
Educational Scholarship IV: Implementation & Evaluation2
Dissertation III4
Qualifying Exam3
Year Four
Advanced Topics in Medical Microbiology V2
MAS Teaching Practicum [Microbiology]2
Dissertation IV9
Journal Club VII1
Advanced Topics in Medical Microbiology VI2
Teaching Practicum [Immunology]1
Dissertation: Defense9
Journal Club VIII1
Total Credit Hours135