Master of Science in Nursing – Clinical Nurse Leader Curriculum

The LECOM Master of Science in Nursing – Clinical Nurse Leader (MSN-CNL) Program is comprised of 16 online modules for a total of 45 credit hours. The didactic curriculum is divided into three sections which include: Essential Core, Clinical Core, and Specialization Core. In the full-time program sequence, students will take 3-4 courses each semester, for a total of 4 semesters of study over 2 academic years.

Within the coursework, students will be completing clinical leadership hours at their place of employment with a preceptor for a total of 500 clinical hours, as required for certification as a Clinical Nurse Leader by the Commission on Nurse Certification (CNE), which is an autonomous arm of the AACN (American Association of Colleges of Nursing).

Students will complete a Clinical Nurse Leader Capstone Project that will serve as an applied evidence-based project prior to the completion of the degree program. Each student is required to complete a Capstone Project, which will include dissemination of findings. Each student will be responsible for submitting an abstract that is accepted by a Professional Nursing Research Organization National Conference and deliver either a poster or podium presentation. Additionally, a manuscript of the Capstone Final Paper must be submitted for publication prior to graduation.

All courses must be passed with 80% or greater for all sections of the program to continue forward as a student in good standing, progressing toward graduation. See the Graduate Nursing Course Catalog for more information regarding grading for the Nursing Graduate Program.

Full Time Plan of Study (Program Sequence)

Year One

Semester 1 (Fall) – 12 credit hours
NRS 5000Nursing Theory for Clinical Nurse Leaders3
NRS 5010Nursing Economics, Policy, and Finance3
NRS 5015Ethical and Legal Considerations in Nursing Practice and Management3
NRS 5020Nursing Informatics and Navigating EMR as Clinical Nurse Leader3
Semester 2 (Spring) – 11 credit hours
NRS 5025Research Design, Methodology, and Advanced Statistical Analysis3
NRS 5030Advanced Pathophysiology3
NRS 5055Nursing Leadership and Healthcare Policy Administration3
NRS-P 5060Practicum I for NRS 5055    100 clock hours clinical2
Year TwoSemester 3 (Fall) – 11 credit hours
NRS 5035Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice3
NRS-P 5040Advanced Physical Assessment for Advanced Nursing Practice3
NRS 5065Improving Health Outcomes and Health Systems Management3
NRS-P 5070Practicum II for NRS 5065    200 clinical clock hours2
Semester 4 (Spring) – 8 credit hours
NRS 5050The Advanced Practice Nursing Role of CNL in Healthcare Leadership and Interprofessional Collaboration3
NRS 5075The Role of the CNL in Population Health Management and Community Health Promotion3
NRS-P 5080Practicum III for NRS 5075  200 clinical clock hours2
NRS 5090CNL Capstone Project3