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Master of Science in Nursing – Clinical Nurse Leader Curriculum

The LECOM Master of Science in Nursing – Clinical Nurse Leader (MSN-CNL) program is comprised of 16 courses for a total of 45 credit hours.  The curriculum is divided into three sections which include: Essential Core, Clinical Core and Specialization Core.  Students will complete a Clinical Nurse Leader capstone project that will serve as an applied evidence-based project prior to the completion of the degree program.  All courses must be passed with 80% (B) or greater for all sections of the program in order to continue forward as a student in good standing, progressing toward graduation.

Essential Core Courses
NRS 5000 Theoretical foundations of nursing practice and Advanced practice nursing roles 3
NRS 5010 Economics and financial management in health care 3
NRS 5015 Law and ethics in nursing practice 3
NRS 5020 Nursing informatics for the advanced practice nurse 3
NRS 5025 Research and graduate statistics for advanced practice nurses 3
Total Essential Core Courses Credits 15
Clinical Core Courses
NRS 5030 Advanced physiology and pathophysiology 3
NRS 5035 Advanced pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics 3
NRS 5040 Advanced physical health assessment and clinical reasoning 3
Total Clinical Core Courses Credits 9
Specialization Core Courses
NRS 5050 Essential knowledge for CNL and APRN nurse leader 3
NRS 5055 Transformational leadership in nursing 3
NRS-P 5060 Practice & Clinical Learning Experiences I (Practicum I – 180 clock hours) 2
NRS 5065 Quality caring in nursing and health systems 3
NRS-P 5070 Practice & Clinical Learning Experiences II (Practicum II – 220 clock hours) 2
NRS 5075 Epidemiology and Patient-focused health care management 3
NRS-P 5080 Practice & Clinical Learning Experiences III (Practicum III – 200 clock hours) 2
Total Specialization Core Courses Credits 18
NRS 5090 CNL Capstone Project 3
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