Pharmacists Post-Graduate Education

Pharmacists play a major role in the success of the LECOM School of Pharmacy, its students and graduates. From teaching at LECOM to precepting/working with students in pharmacies, to hiring LECOM graduates, pharmacists make a difference in the quality of health care we hope LECOM provides through its educational programs.

We invite pharmacists to contact the School of Pharmacy with any questions that they have about our programs and teaching/preceptor opportunities. To learn more about becoming a LECOM Pharmacy student preceptor, please click the Preceptors/Mentors link at the right. LECOM supports its teaching healthcare professionals with Faculty/Preceptor Development education, Continuing Medical Education conferences and through the Master of Science in Medical Education program.

The School of Pharmacy has established the Center for Drug Information and Research (CDIR). The CDIR’s mission is to provide healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients with independent research, analysis and evidence-based responses to drug information requests. The Center publishes The LECOM Point which contains independent best evidence analyses and commentary on a variety of medical and pharmaceutical subjects.