Why Earn the MSMEd Degree?

Mission Statement

The LECOM Master of Science in Medical Education (MSMEd) program creates educator-scholar leaders who lead, serve, and inspire as education specialists to improve educational, scholarly, and quality of care practices within the health professions community.

Opportunity for increasing Residency Match Competitiveness

The MSMEd program is for current medical, pharmacy, and dental students, transitional rotating interns, off-cycle graduates, and international medical graduates who desire to strengthen their applications for residency by having a thesis-based research project, designated research mentor, and additional skill sets centered around helping health care providers and patients learn.  Also, students will learn a unique set of skills to support success in residency.

In addition to the mentored research thesis project, MSMEd students have the opportunity to present their projects at the Pioneering Research in Medical Education (PRIME) National Conference in Erie, PA each year, as a poster in their first-year of the program and as an oral presentation in their second-year of the program, increasing their tally of scholarly activity.  There is also the opportunity for all students to present a poster at LECOM Interprofessional Research Day.

“The degree added a unique aspect to my resume; throughout my residency interview trail, every single program director commented on and inquired about my work in it. I firmly believe having an educational degree of this caliber made me significantly more marketable and increased my opportunities for match.”

-Christopher Mercogliano, LECOM Class of 2016

Opportunities for Current Practitioners & LECOM Affiliated Teaching Hospitals

The MSMEd program is also for current and practicing health care professionals and school faculty members who seek leadership or administrative advancement in their career or to affect the training of health professions students and residents for improving patient care.  ACGME requires core clinical faculty to produce scholarly products, including multiple publications, every five years. This program provides a mentored research project to learn the skills of scholarship.

“The accelerated one-year M.S. in Medical Education program equipped me with the knowledge and skills to be an all-around better faculty member, researcher, scholarly writer, educator, leader and service provider to my institution. My number of scholarly publications has substantially increased as a result.”

Christine Lomiguen MD, LECOM Class of 2019  

Opportunities for those seeking a Graduate Degree online

Finally, the MSMEd program is for prospective students with a minimum of a 4-year degree from an accredited college or university who seek a graduate degree giving them a formal credential as an education specialist to launch their career into the health professions.

“After enrolling in the MSMEd program, my thoughts have changed due to the advantages distant learners will have. First, opportunities to know students on other campuses. Second, enhanced ability to use technology in the workplace. Third, more self-motivated in completing individual modules. Fourth, productive online interactions and video conference discussions. Fifth, faculty feedback and flexible time frames.”

-Mais Abdelhaq, Current PhD in Anatomy Education student at LECOM

Top Six Reasons to obtain an MSMEd Degree from LECOM:

  1. You desire to have a mentored research experience!
  2. You seek leadership or administrative advancement in your career!
  3. You enjoy teaching & helping students and patients learn!
  4. LECOM MSMEd program has the lowest tuition with scholarships available for current students and alumni!
  5. You desire to build your application portfolio for career advancement!
  6. You earn a formal credential designating you as an education specialist as an educator-scholar leader!

Distance Education Complaint Process for Out-of-State Students

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