Goals of the MMS Program

The MMS will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop life-long strategies for professional and career development, enhance written and oral research presentations skills, and learn principles and strategies for becoming effective team members.

Goal 1 – Educational Excellence

  1. Students will obtain advanced knowledge in basic medical sciences and healthcare.
  2. Competitive applicants Students are to apply to graduate and professional programs.
  3. Students will increase scientific research knowledge.
  4. Students will learn problem solving and leadership skills.

Goal 2 – Elevate Critical Thinking Skills

  1. Students will develop critical thinking, decision making, and problem-solving skills through a medical science centered curriculum.

Goal 3 – Professionalism Excellence

  1. Students will demonstrate attributes of professionalism.
  2. Students will embrace the tenants of professionalism, ethics, and humanism.
  3. Students will develop effective written and verbal communication skills and translate those skills to effective organizational leadership.