Master of Science in Nursing – Clinical Nurse Leader

The LECOM Master of Science in Nursing – Clinical Nurse Leader (MSN-CNL) program is comprised of 16 courses separated by distinct domains that build upon the foundations of nursing practice, including current trends and issues in health care systems and nursing services; clinical performance improvement that focuses on quality and care outcomes; and the delivery of a highly responsive, effective, efficient, and cost-conscious health care services. LECOM’s MSN-CNL prepares to practice registered nurses to tackle the complexities of healthcare delivery systems through the achievement of the curricular and competencies expectations for the clinical nurse leader.

The MSN-CNL curriculum builds upon the undergraduate concepts of nursing practice; advancing the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to address the needs of the individual, group, community, population, or the nation involving the principles and roles of advanced practice nursing; advanced concepts in clinical nursing practice; and focused learning on health care system finance and management, informatics, quality and safety, law and ethics, performance improvement and clinical outcomes, and research and evidence-based practice.

Mission, Vision, and Program Outcomes for the LECOM Master of Nursing-Clinical Nurse Leader Program

As LECOM has grown and developed from its inception in 1988, it has been strategic in the creation of programs and campuses/locations. All programs are designed to be reflective of the institutional mission. The mission of the MSN-CNL program is as follows:
The mission of the LECOM Master of Science in Nursing-Clinical Nurse Leader Program is to prepare professional registered nurses for successful careers in executive nurse leadership. The clinically focused program aims to foster new knowledge in nursing science, connect research to practice, and produce nurse leaders who can manage complex healthcare systems and exemplify ethical patient care and advocacy for all persons.

The mission of the MSN-CNL program is supported by the following vision statement:
The LECOM Master of Science in Nursing – Clinical Nurse Leadership program is committed to providing a well-rounded academic and clinical education in nursing leadership. The program is designed for licensed professional nurses who serve in leadership and administrative positions in complex healthcare systems through sound judgement, ethical behavior, accountability, and engagement of a strong healthcare team. The program addresses the critical need to improve the quality of patient care through a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach accompanied by evidence-based healthcare policies and directives.

Upon the completion of the MSN-CNL program, a graduate will be able to:

1. Integrate the acquisition of new knowledge into nursing practice and policy development in ways that promote best practice, quality improvement, and safe patient care.

2. Implement innovative initiatives for the Clinical Nurse Leader role that emphasize patient needs and advocacy and a multicultural approach to care.

3. Design improvements in healthcare outcomes and organizational processes based on needs analysis and data-driven findings.

4. Use scientific findings from the work of nursing scholars, as well as those from medical, psychology, sociology, and public health, to enhance the continual improvement of nursing practice and leadership across diverse settings and populations.

5. Apply evidence-based nursing frameworks to building and leading collaborative, interprofessional care teams.

6. Navigate care services across healthcare systems utilizing cultural humility and an appreciation of diverse populations.

7. Develop appropriate professional development opportunities for nurses.