The success of our institution will not be judged by our size or number of locations but will depend upon the accomplishments of our graduates and their appreciation of the great opportunity that has been afforded them in becoming an osteopathic physician. It will depend upon their ability to represent us well in upholding our tradition of a people-oriented practice of medicine no matter what specialty they choose or area of the country in which they practice.

– John M. Ferretti, DO, LECOM President/CEO

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The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine continues growing rapidly, attracting some of the brightest candidates for the College of Osteopathic Medicine, School of Pharmacy and School of Dental Medicine. While LECOM maintains the second lowest private medical school tuition in the country, these students face mounting debt as they complete their education. Each year, the college conducts fundraisers only for the purpose of providing scholarships to our students. Through these efforts and support from the LECOM community, LECOM students are awarded more than $4 million in scholarship aid every year. Your support of the LECOM Student Scholarship Fund will help deserving students fulfill their dreams of becoming physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and podiatrists.

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