Doctoral in Anatomy Education Program

A shortage of Anatomy Educators with advanced degrees in the United States has led to an increasing need for qualified educators to teach anatomical sciences at the undergraduate or doctoral level. As senior Ph.D. faculty members move into administrative roles or retire, and the number of osteopathic and allopathic medical schools and physician assistant and nurse practitioner programs increase, the demand for Anatomy Educators will continue to grow demonstrating a definite need for Doctoral level Anatomy Educators. Despite these needs, there is a shortage of programs providing such doctoral-level training in anatomy education with only three programs in North America. These programs will not be able to keep pace with the need for Ph.D. Anatomists. With such a shortage of appropriately trained faculty, the need for effective teaching is stronger than ever. LECOM Erie is proud to recognize this need and offer a Doctoral in Anatomy Education Program (DAE).

LECOM Student looking at EKG Screen at LECOM in Erie PA

Doctoral in Anatomy Education Program Mission

The DAE aligns with the LECOM mission through areas of excellence in education as anatomy educators trained in this program will contribute to the education of student doctors in the LECOM’s medical, pharmacy, dental, podiatric medical schools, and graduate schools in educational research positioning themselves to gain faculty teaching positions throughout the United States.

Program Goals

The DAE Program is a 4-year program in Anatomy Education centered on three goals. The student shall:

  1. Develop mastery in the knowledge of anatomical sciences.
  2. Develop mastery in the skills of anatomical education.
  3. Develop positive attitudes and professional behaviors of a competent anatomy educator.
  4. Develop mastery of principles of educational research.

The program provides a doctoral-level curriculum in the anatomical sciences. Students will be required to complete teaching practicums and conduct original research in anatomy education. Graduates of this program will be highly knowledgeable and skillful anatomy education specialists who will be well equipped to train the next generation of health care providers. As a result, graduates will be highly marketable and sought after.