MSBS Program Curriculum

The curriculum for the Master of Science in Biomedical Science will include the following courses:


Summer 1

(between OMS1 and OMS2 years)
Research Techniques 1 cr.
Application of Biostatistics 1 cr
Journal Club I 1 cr
Research I (June) 5 cr
Research II (July) 5 cr.

Fall OMS2

Journal Club II 1 cr
Research III 5 cr
Qualifying Exam/Proposal 3 cr

Spring OMS2

Research IV 5 cr


Summer 2

Journal Club III 1 cr
Research V 5 cr

Fall OMS3

Journal Club IV 1 cr
Research VI 2 cr

Spring OMS3

Data Club 1 cr
Research VII 3 cr.


Summer 3

Journal Club V 1 cr
Thesis Writing 3 cr

Fall OMS4

Thesis Defense 2 cr

Total 46 credits