Why Earn the Ph.D. in Medical Education Degree?

Mission Statement

The LECOM Ph.D. in Medical Education produces medical education scholars to lead, serve, and inspire educational innovation and excellence at academic and clinical institutions.

Opportunity to lead, serve, and inspire Medical Education practice

The Ph.D. Program in Medical Education extends the study trajectory from the LECOM Master’s in Medical Education Program and is for those leaders who want to serve in the highest-level educational academic and clinical institutions. The PhD in Medical Education provides a special focus for those who desire to conduct research and obtain grants while learning in a deep-focus area of specialization. Graduates are medical education scholars intended for academic and clinical institutions. With the increasing number of new osteopathic and allopathic medical schools and residency programs, expertise in academic leadership, accreditation, administration, faculty development, and research/scholarship are of increasing importance and are highly needed.  Additionally, graduates will have the skills to serve in various roles in institutional accreditation, faculty development, and leadership/ administration at the undergraduate and graduate medical levels.