Entrance Requirements

All Master of Medical Science applicants must have:

  • graduated from a 4-year U.S. or Canadian college/university
  • a minimum Total Cumulative GPA of 2.7 at all schools attended
  • either a U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status.
  • completed the following undergraduate courses in order to qualify for entrance to the LECOM College of Osteopathic Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, or School of Pharmacy, upon successful completion of the MMS Program:

Minimum Number of Credits Required


Medicine Track

Dental Track

Pharmacy Track

Biology with Lab8 credits8 credits8 credits
Inorganic Chemistry with Lab8 credits8 credits8 credits
Organic Chemistry with Lab8 credits8 credits8 credits
Physics4 credits3 credits
Biochemistry3 (in lieu of 4 Organic Chemistry)3 credits3 (in lieu Organic Chemistry)
English6 credits6 credits6 credits
Behavioral Science6 credits3 credits
Calculus3 credits
Economics3 credits (recommended)
Statistics3 credits (recommended)

LECOM recommends that prospective students consider taking advanced coursework, such as biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, and anatomy.

All completed courses must have grade of “C” or better.  At the completion of the MMS program, students will have met all course requirements to apply for consideration for the LECOM College of Osteopathic Medicine, School of Dental Medicine or School of Pharmacy.