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Masters of Medical Science Curriculum – Bradenton

The MMS curriculum is designed to academically, scientifically, and professionally prepare students to be acceptable applicants into the LECOM College of Osteopathic Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, or School of Pharmacy. Within this one-year, non-thesis program, students are exposed to a variety of biomedical science courses.

The MMS program incorporates 38-credit hours of courses addressing concepts that are basic to the practice of osteopathic medicine, dental medicine, and pharmacy. The program encompasses a total of 36 weeks of academic study as follows:

  • July – August (6 weeks of classes)
  • August – December (16 weeks of classes)
  • January – April (16 weeks of classes)

The following is a list of required courses, course numbers, and credit hours per course.

Summer Session of Fall Semester, July – August, 2020 Credit Hours
MMS1006 Cellular and Molecular Biology 3
MMS1035 Biochemistry I 3
MMS1000 Medical Terminology & Communication 1
Fall Semester, September – December, 2020 Credit Hours
MMS1016 Physiology 4
MMS1040 Biochemistry II 3
MMS1070 Pharmacology and Toxicology 3
MMS1090 Histology 2
MMS1100 Pathophysiology I 3
Total 22
Spring Semester, January – May, 2021 Credit Hours
MMS1050 Clinical Anatomy 3
MMS1060 Medical Microbiology 4
MMS1085 Medical Genetics 2
MMS1091 Immunology 2
MMS1105 Pathophysiology II 5
Total 16
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