Doctoral Program in Pharmacy Education

The Doctoral Program in Pharmacy Education (DPE) features an innovative curriculum designed to train students in pharmaceutical and clinical sciences, pedagogical principles, and scholarship of teaching and learning. Students will complete laboratory-based, lecture-based, and online coursework in pharmaceutics, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacotherapeutics, drug information, and educational theory; as well as teaching practicums, journal clubs, and educational research. Graduates will be adept in delivery of pharmaceutical and clinical sciences content utilizing a variety of curricular techniques.

Program Goals

DPE is a four-year program centered on four goals. Students will:

  1. Develop mastery in knowledge of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences content
  2. Develop mastery of pedagogical principles
  3. Develop mastery of principles of educational research and administration
  4. Develop positive attitudes and professional behaviors of a competent pharmacy educator

The program features a doctoral-level curriculum in clinical, pedagogical, and pharmaceutical sciences. Students will be required to complete teaching practicums and conduct original research in pharmacy education. Graduates of this program will be knowledgeable and skillful pharmacy education specialists, who will be well equipped to train the next generation of health care providers. As a result, graduates will be highly marketable and sought after.

Doctorate in Pharmacy Education Program Mission

The DPE program aligns with the LECOM mission through areas of excellence in education and scholarship, as pharmacy educators trained in this program will contribute to the education of student doctors in the LECOM’s medical, pharmacy and dental schools, and in educational research, positioning themselves to achieve positions as faculty, scientists, or administrators in academia, pharmaceutical industry, or the government.

For more information about the Doctoral Program in Pharmacy Education program, contact the LECOM School of Pharmacy Office of Admission at