The MSBE curriculum is comprised of 12 courses (36 credits) required to be taken by all students. All students must complete and pass a final on-site capstone experience, which will demonstrate partial application of their required MSBE program knowledge and skills.

Core Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
MBE 1010History and Scope of Bioethics3
MBE 1020Compliance: Patient Rights & Safety3
MBE 1030Clinical Ethics I3
MBE 1040Clinical Ethics II3
MBE 2010Conflict Resolution, Mediation, and Communications3
MBE 2020Building Cultural Competence3
MBE 2030Organizational Ethics3
MBE 2040Research Ethics3
MBE 3000Executive Interviews & Analysis 11
MBE 3001Executive Interviews & Analysis 22
MBE 3010Public Health Ethics3
MBE 3020Clinician as the Problem3
MBE 3100Capstone Experience3
MBE 5500Comprehensive Final Exam0
Total # Credits Required36
Curriculum Summary
Total number of courses required for the degree13
Total credit hours required for degree36

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