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Doctor of Healthcare Administration

Doctor of Healthcare Administration (D.H.A.) Program

The Doctor of Healthcare Administration (D.H.A.) program prepares health industry professionals to become innovative leaders and complex problem solvers.  The degree program qualifies professionals to serve as college faculty members, preparing them to teach and perform interprofessional research focused on “the business of healthcare”.  They are also prepared as advanced healthcare administrative practitioners.

The theoretical and the practical are blended in this rigorous doctorate degree program.  D.H.A. graduates will have the next generation understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning needed to conduct rigorous research and analysis with the objective of applying the findings to real-world decision-making throughout the healthcare industry and effectively interfacing with local, state and federal governments related to healthcare issues. It provides students with a “whole person” osteopathic knowledge foundation from which they can positively influence quality, access and costs of healthcare organizations and delivery systems in the communities they serve.

The LECOM D.H.A. terminal degree is specifically designed for busy working professionals looking to expand and elevate their professional opportunities in both the boardroom and teaching in college classrooms.

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