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DHA Curriculum

The D.H.A. degree program is a hybrid of In-person or Virtual Synchronous sessions and distanced education learning designed for busy working professionals. The LECOM Doctor of Healthcare Administration degree is a three-year, 72 credit hour program. Students meet periodically either on-campus in Bradenton Florida or via scheduled video conferences. Students move through the program together as a cohort, taking the same classes, which can vary from cohort to cohort as the program evolves to continue to meet current healthcare industry requirements.

The first two years of the program are predominantly core course and research skills development designed to help focus candidate’s on their dissertation requirements and final course work. New computer applications and systems solutions are learned and applied to assist with advanced complex problem solving skills. Individual courses are delivered with diverse teaching methodologies driven by competency achievement and experimental application. The robust on-line learning platform is available to DHA students 24/7 and delivers high quality presentations, forum discussions, teamwork activities and direct linkage to each faculty member.

Student coursework, assignments and examinations, both synchronous and distance education are submitted electronically within each course on the LECOM Learning Management System, access to which is limited by a unique usernames and password.

There is one cohort for enrollment starting in July each year. Cohorts have been designed for professionals who seek a DHA degree while continuing full-time careers.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
DH 6010 Next Generation Doctoral Studies 3
DH 6020 HC Research Methods – New Tools 3
DH 6030 HC Quantitative Analysis 3
DH 6040 HC Artificial Intelligence 3
DH 6050 HC Leadership & Communications 3
DH 6060 U.S. Healthcare System 3
DH 6070 HC Qualitative Analysis 3
DH 6080 Effective Writing & Publication 3
DH 7010 Outcome Focused Strategy 3
DH 7020 HC Case Study Design & Delivery 3
DH 7030 HC Ethics & Sustainability 3
DH 7040 Virtual Medicine 3
DH 7050 Effective Negotiations & Partnering 3
DH 7060 Leveraging HC Machine Learning 3
DH 7070 HC Economics & Finance 3
DH 7080 HC Organizational Compliance 3
DH 8010 Dissertation I-Qualifying Exam 3
DH 8020 Mind, Body, Spirit-Whole Person Care 3
DH 8030 Dissertation II-Draft I 3
DH 8040 Climate & Culture of Wellness 3
DH 8050 Dissertation III- Draft II 3
DH 8060 Communities as Living Laboratories 3
DH 8070 Effective College Educators 3
DH 8080 Dissertation IV- Final Paper & Defense 3
Total # Credits Required 72
Curriculum Summary
Total number of courses required for the degree plus thesis defense 24
Total credit hours required for degree 72