Master of Science in Medical Cannabinoid Therapeutics Questions and Answers

Is the MS MCT program licensed and regionally accredited?

Yes, the MS MCT program is included under LECOM’s institutional regional accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and licensed through the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education (FL DOE CIE).

How long does it take to complete the program?

The program is designed to be completed in 24 months with new cohorts beginning each June. It is taught over 4 semesters with classes of 8-16 weeks in duration.

What bachelor’s degree is required, or special science or business pre-qualifications needed to apply to the MS MCT program?

None. You must have a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree from an accredited college or university and meet all the published application requirements to be considered for admission into the MS MCT program on a first come first served basis.  Therefore, timely application submission is important as classes fill.

What are the LECOM on-site campus requirements?

Attendance at graduation on a Sunday in late May or early June of your final academic semester. The program is delivered entirely on-line via the LECOM CANVAS distance education portal and specifically designed for busy working professionals or full-time professional students and available 24/7.

Will students or faculty have access to or contact with cannabis or any cannabinoid derivatives?

No, this program is a theory-based medical cannabinoid therapeutics industry course of study.

What is LECOM’s policy concerning student use of cannabis or cannabinoid derivatives?

LECOM is dedicated to the safety, health, and welfare of its students by maintaining a drug-free academic environment. LECOM complies with provisions of the Drug-free School and Communities Act of 1989. Our rules of conduct prohibit the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students on LECOM property: buildings, grounds, vehicles, rental space, affiliated hospitals, or locations of official LECOM functions. Violations of this policy may result in an order to participate in a program of rehabilitation and monitoring, suspension, or dismissal.  No student shall possess, use, manufacture, produce, sell, exchange, or otherwise distribute any drug prohibited by federal or state law at LECOM.

Is a drug test required to enter the MS MCT program?

Yes. All students must pass a standard background check and LECOM matriculation requirements.

How to I apply for admission to the MS MCT program?

Complete a 2-minute on-line inquiry to begin your journey of discovery process.