How the MSBE Program Works

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U24 MSBE Schedule for the class of 2026.

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The Master of Science in Biomedical Ethics (MSBE) program is specifically designed to provide flexibility for busy working professionals and current students looking to earn their MS in Biomedical Ethics in 24 months.

  • Covers critical ethics functions that are essential to successful patient engagement and for the ability to respond to all regulations and compliance policies;
  • Comprehensive curriculum accessed 24/7 via EthAssist® (patent pending), a dynamic web-based distance education platform;
  • Affordable tuition – one of the best education investment values in the industry today;
  • Program completed online both synchronous and asynchronous meetings with faculty;
  • Expert team of faculty with deep bioethical and healthcare experience.

This program is competency-based learning delivered in an interactive, online environment. The MSBE program will utilize innovative technology and an outcome-based approach to keep students engaged and on track. The program is developed to be flexible and responsive to students’ needs, new challenges, and the evolving demands of healthcare education by readily developing and adding new curricular pieces and features to enhance current offerings as appropriate.

The June cohort classes are 8 weeks in length and the program is completed in 24 months – Applications must be submitted no later than May 1st.


Preparing Your Future

The LECOM School of Health Services Administration (SHSA) programs provide students with indispensable knowledge, leadership, and communication skills required to plan, direct, and coordinate medical and health service organizations such as hospitals, health care facilities, public health care organizations, pharmacies, private practice groups, and senior living centers. The knowledge gained from these programs is vital to the understanding, planning, and implementation of sound fiscal policy, strategic planning, industry compliance, ethics, and responsible governance.


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Goals of the MSBE program

This custom-designed program helps professionals to develop skills needed to analyze, mediate, and resolve ethical dilemmas using key ethical concepts, frameworks, and arguments in their fields of specialization. Graduates will be more prepared in risk mitigation, more sensitive to the patient-centered experience, and better equipped to participate in policy discussions and development across a wide range of professional, institutional, and industry settings. Whether students are preparing for or continuing a career in health care, the MSBE delivers the ethical understanding required to confidently approach their respective disciplines informed with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and mindset.

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