The MHSA curriculum consists of 50 credits. There are ten core courses (30 credits) required for all students. Each student also completes three electives (9 credits). Students must participate in experiential discovery through our executive interview and analysis courses (6 credits). Students complete either a Master’s Thesis Project (5 credits) or Capstone Experience (5 credits). A final comprehensive examination (non-credit assignment) must be passed with a 70% or greater for all ten test sections.

Course Numbering

As a masters-level program, all courses are designated as upper-division-level courses requiring advanced academic preparation.

Core CoursesCredits
HSA-5000Healthcare Organizations and Administration3
HSA-5010Population Health and Status Assessment3
HSA-5020Professional and Communication Skills Development3
HSA-5030Research Methodology and Application3
HSA-5040Health Policy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation3
HSA-5050Legal Issues in Business and Clinical Decision Making3
HSA-5065Information System and Quality Systems3
HSA-5080Governance, Leadership and Strategic Planning3
HSA-5090Economic Analysis and Application in Decision Making3
HIA-5220Financial Analysis and Risk Management3
Total Credits30
Elective I
HIA-5200Human Resources Management3
HIA-5210Market Analysis, Research and Assessment3
Elective II
MPH-5300Healthcare Services Delivery: Prevention, Wellness, Infectious Diseases, Chronic Diseases and Disaster Preparedness3
HIA-5230Long-Term Care Administration I3
Elective III
HIA-5250Health Care Management Operations3
HIA-5240Long-Term Care Administration II3
Total Credits9
Executive Interviews and Analysis
HSA-5430Executive Interviews & Analysis I3
HSA-5431Executive Interviews & Analysis II3
Total Credits6
Final Project Courses
HSA-5500Final Comprehensive ExamPass/Fail
HSA-5420MHSA Capstone Experience5
HSA-5410MHSA Master’s Thesis Project5
Total credit hours50