LECOM at Elmira Tuition and Fees

Tuition, fees and other charges are due and payable by registration, unless special arrangements have been made with the Accounting Office. In addition to tuition and fees, students will be billed for mandatory Student Disability Insurance, Student Health Insurance and Student Government charges. The College reserves the right to change tuition, fees and other charges without advance notice and to make such changes applicable to present as well as future students.

Application Fee LECOM Supplementary Application: $50

Nonrefundable fee payable upon submission of supplementary application for admission.

Matriculation Fee: $2,000

Nonrefundable fee due 30 days after receipt of acceptance. The matriculation fee is applied toward the tuition fee upon matriculation.

LECOM at Elmira 2023 – 2024 Tuition, Fees and Other charges

Type of Fee/ExpenseNew York ResidentNon-Resident
Tuition – MS-1 (Class of 2027)$41,510$41,510
Tuition – MS-2 (Class of 2026)$41,305$41,305
Tuition – MS-3 (Class of 2025)$45,805$45,805
Tuition – MS- 4 (Class of 2024)$44,365$44,365
Curriculum Fee$350
Technology Fee$300
Graduation Fee (MS 4 only)$300
Board Prep Fee$200
Additional Fees
Late Tuition Payment Fee$50 Per Week
Breakage FeeCost of Replacement
Student ID Replacement Fee$25
Transcript Fee$10
ERAS Processing Fee (MS-4)$65
Other Charges – Mandatory
Student Government$50
Student Disability Insurance$562 (Variable/Age Dependent)
Student Health Insurance$4,752
Living Expenses**

*Clinical rotation additional tuition cost:

Class of 2027, medical students  – $5,500, years 3 & 4

Class of 2026, medical students  – $5,000, years 3 & 4

Class of 2025, medical students  – $4,500, years 3 & 4

Class of 2024, medical students-  $3,500, years 3 & 4

**The Cost of Education Budget is the sum of Living Expenses, Tuition, Mandatory Fees and Other Mandatory Charges.  Living Expenses include:  books and lab supplies, rent, food, utilities, cell phone, internet, books and lab supplies, transportation expenses, required board exam fees (MS-2 & MS-3).  Additional Fees are not included.