Ambulatory Medicine (Fourth Year Rotation): 2 Block Rotation (8 weeks)

During your 8-week rotation you are expected to meet and exceed the following requirements and challenge yourself, to be proactive learners and ask questions. This rotation is different from the 3rd year Family Medicine rotation in that each student is expected to assume an expanded level of clinical responsibility for evaluation and management consistent with an acting intern. Students should also assume a larger responsibility in performing common in-office procedures performed by family physicians.

During this rotation, there will be an emphasis on prevention of illness and caring for the patient in the context of family and community. When applicable, students are encouraged to participate in the care of hospitalized patients, those in skilled nursing or rehab facilities, and home visits. Students are also expected to take on a larger patient volume in the ambulatory and hospital settings. Students are expected to participate in morning reports, noon conferences, and other available educational offerings.


  • 50% based on the preceptor rotation evaluation.
  • 30% based on the shelf examination, which is taken on the last Friday of the rotation.
  • 20% based on the online curriculum. The 20% for the online portion is broken up into 3 components:
    • End of rotation quiz (50%) on True Learn
    • Instructions on where to find this quiz
    • Completion of the weekly required questions (100) on True Learn, each week is worth 6.25% for a total of 25%
    • Keep a rolling average of >50% on the weekly True Learn questions, each week is worth 6.25% for a total of 25%
    • Completion of the Radiology Teaches Modules
    • Completion of the assigned EPA for review

Required Reading

During their clinical rotations, these articles are geared to help improve the students knowledge base of common conditions. Each section is broken down into 4 sections with associated reading articles for each of the two rotations. There is also an associated reading assignment along with objectives from an OMM text.

Required Screenings: Please be familiar with the following screening recommendations from the AAFP (embedded links):

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Alcohol Misuse, Breast Cancer, Cancer Screening Controversies, Cervical Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Dental Caries, Depression, Diabetes Mellitus, Fall Risk, Folic Acid Supplementation, Immunizations, Intimate Partner Violence, High Blood Pressure, Lipid Disorders Children/Adolescents, Lung Cancer, Obesity, Oral Cancer, Osteoporosis, Prostate Cancer, Sexually Transmitted Infection, Skin Cancer, Statin Use, Tobacco Cessation.

Access the required reading list.

Read the Stat Pearls articles linked in the above-linked spreadsheet for each corresponding week. Please enjoy the associated podcasts that correspond with the readings by the Curbsiders. I encourage you all to check the AAFP podcast as well and listen daily

View the full Ambulatory Medicine curriculum.