Psychiatry (Third Year Rotation): 1 block rotation (4 weeks):

During the students’ four (4) week rotation, they are expected to meet and exceed the requirements included in the curriculum, be professional, and challenge themselves daily in working to be proactive learners and ask questions. This clinical experience will provide third-year students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and appropriate referral of patients with mental health disorders.

During their rotation, students will be exposed to all major psychiatric diagnostic categories including: affective disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, alcohol, and substance abuse disorders, geriatrics disorders, children and adolescent disorders, somatization disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, autism, pervasive developmental disorder, and personality disorders. Most students will be in the outpatient setting and provided opportunities to both observe and to participate directly in patient care under the supervision of the clerkship faculty psychiatrist. Some students may follow hospitalized psychiatric patients which will allow them to gain an appreciation for the full range of psychiatric illnesses and the variety of treatment options that are available to those patients with severe illnesses.

The core psychiatry curriculum will be delivered through an Internet-based, self-study format. A schedule of required readings that address essential content will be provided.