Pediatrics (Third Year): 1 block rotation (4 weeks):

During the students 4-week pediatrics rotation, they are expected to be proactive learners and ask questions. The role of the pediatrician in the prevention of disease and injury and the importance of collaboration between the pediatrician and other health professionals is stressed. Pediatrics involves the recognition of normal and abnormal mental and physical development as well as the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic problems. As one of the core clerkships during the third year of medical school, pediatrics also shares the joint responsibility to teach the knowledge, skills, and attitudes basic to the development of a competent general physician.

Most students will spend most of their time in the outpatient setting, while others might take care of patients in the inpatient setting as well. It is essential to learn how to obtain a complete pediatric history and perform physical examinations on children of various ages. Students should become proficient in assessing childhood development and in giving anticipatory guidance to children and their families.