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  1. Munir Syed

    Dr. Syed is a Doctor of Medicine with a degree of M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy) in microbiology. After training in orthopedic surgery and internal medicine, he practiced medicine for a number of years before joining his alma mater as a senior lecturer in the department of clinical pathology. Dr. Syed trained in clinical pathology and also completed his... Read More »

  2. Dewan Raja

    Dr. Raja has over 27 years of teaching experience in Bangladesh, the Caribbean, and in the USA. He has 10 publications in the peer-reviewed journals. He presented numerous posters in the prestigious conferences like APHA and Experimental Biology. He is the author of multiple medical books and manuals.... Read More »

  3. Francis Joseph Liuzzi

    Dr. Liuzzi has been teaching medical school and other health professions for over 40 years. He was an NIH-funded researcher and has over 40 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. He was an Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University, an Associate Professor at the Eastern Virginia Medical School and later at the University of South Flor... Read More »

  4. Randy Kulesza

    Dr. Randy J. Kulesza Jr. was born in Erie, PA where he attended Cathedral Preparatory School and earned a BS in Biology from Gannon University. He attended West Virginia University School of Medicine and earned a doctoral degree from the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience. Dr. Kulesza joined LECOM as an Assistant Professor of Anatomy in 2002 and was... Read More »