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Faculty Profile

Randy Kulesza, Ph.D.

Randy Kulesza From LECOM

College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Teaching Area

    Anatomy, Neuroscience, Biostatistics, Histology, Embryology

  • Education

    Gannon University; West Virginia University, School of Medicine

  • Residency

    Mount Sinai Hospital / University of Toronto / Duke University

  • Campus Location

    1858 W. Grandview Blvd. Erie, PA 16509
    Phone: (814) 866-8423


Dr. Randy J. Kulesza Jr. was born in Erie, PA where he attended Cathedral Preparatory School and earned a BS in Biology from Gannon University. He attended West Virginia University School of Medicine and earned a doctoral degree from the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience. Dr. Kulesza joined LECOM as an Assistant Professor of Anatomy in 2002 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2008 and Full Professor in 2014. Dr. Kulesza is the Director of Anatomy, Course Director for Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Basic Neuroscience, and Clinical Neuroscience, and Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Dr. Kulesza is the Director of the Auditory Research Center and his team uses the auditory system as a model to study the impacts of autism spectrum disorder, Fragile X and Alzheimer’s disease impacts neuronal structure and function.

Current research projects include:

  • Vestibular and auditory brainstem function in animal models of autism spectrum disorder
  • Characterization of the auditory brainstem circuits in humans and non-human primates