LECOM Research Strategic Plan – Goals and Objectives

The table below outlines the goals and objectives that we will use to support faculty and student research efforts, and to ensure that the faculty have the time and resources to pursue research endeavors.


Contribute to the advancement of knowledge through research and scholarly contributions


1A: To provide institutional support to the faculty in the planning and conduct of scholarly activitiesOffice of Research and Grants Management: support for project planning and identification of extramural funding sources
Provide faculty with adequate time to plan, conduct, and report scholarly activities
1B: To support funding of faculty and student research and scholarly activities through budgetary processesCompetitive internal funding opportunities, including those in support of scholarly activity in osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) and osteopathic principles and practices (OPP), basic sciences and clinical sciences, and health professions education
Annual budget with funds allocated toward faculty and student research activities
1C: To provide facilities and infrastructure to support the conduct of research and scholarly activitiesDedicated research facilities for faculty and mentored student research
1D: To support the reporting of research and scholarly activitiesFaculty must publish or present scholarly findings in peer-reviewed, documentable ways that contribute to scientific knowledge
Budgetary processes to support publication of peer-reviewed, original scientific content

Promote and support student involvement in research and scholarly throughout medical school

2A: To provide research and scholarly opportunities to medical students throughout the medical curriculumFaculty-mentored student research opportunities (years 1-4)
Faculty support of student-driven research (years 1-4)
Mentored research rotations (years 3-4)
Research opportunities with residents (years 1-4)
Concurrent masters of science programs (medical education; biomedical sciences)
2B: To provide students with curricular training in scientific literacy, responsible research conduct, developing a project, and presenting findingsBiostatistics course and integration
CITI training for human subjects research
Scholar Series programs
2C: To provide students with the opportunity to present their research findingsLECOM Interprofessional Research Day
Competitive travel awards for students presenting research at national conferences