The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program (PAMMP), a product of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act, allows for the certified medical use of marijuana by eligible patients that are residents of the Commonwealth. Chapter 20 of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act, signed into law in 2016, sets forth legislation regarding Academic Clinical Research Centers (ACRC) and Clinical Registrants (CR) and recognizes the potential benefits of medical marijuana research to patients suffering from various medical conditions.

LECOM became a certified ACRC in 2018 and has been conducting medical marijuana research with their CR: CannTech PA LLC doing business as Ayr Wellness. Please see below for the most recent updates regarding our current studies.

Study TitleDescriptionStatus
Medical Marijuana vs Quality of Life AssessmentEvaluate the overall impact of medical marijuana on a person’s quality of life over a time period of 90 daysClosed
Effects of Medical Cannabis on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) PatientsExamine the effects medical marijuana has on symptoms of IBD (Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis) over a time period of 90 daysOpen
Effects of Medical Marijuana on Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) SymptomsAnalyze the effects medical marijuana has on Anxiety and common symptoms of PTSD (including anxiety, depression, and sleep patterns) over a time period of 360 daysOpen
Impact of Medical Marijuana on Pain Management and Opioid UseQuantify the impact medical marijuana has on the perception of chronic pain and opioid use patterns over a time period of 360 daysOpen

Eligibility requirements to participate for all studies are as follows:

•18+ years old
•Own a valid Medical Marijuana ID card
•Able to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone
•Competent in English language and able to provide consent
•Able to only use Ayr Wellness products from a Pennsylvania dispensary while enrolled
•Diagnosed with one of the various qualifying conditions listed under the study title (IBD, PTSD, Chronic Pain, or Opioid Use Disorder)

If you are interested in participating in any of the above studies, or for any questions or concerns about LECOM’s Medical Marijuana Research, please contact the following:

Mark Kelley, MSHI
Clinical Research Coordinator
(814) 860-5119


April 17, 2023 – Mark Kelley, Clinical Research Coordinator, along with Dr. Zachary Heeter, LECOM Director for Medical Marijuana Research, attended the Annual Medical Marijuana Research Summit at Penn State University in April 2023. Dr. Edward Miller and Dr. Marla Bowie, members of LECOM’s clinical registrant partner Ayr Wellness, also attended. Mark presented LECOM’s current studies to all institutions with the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program (PAMMP.) The team also presented its first study analyzing 103 patients and their Quality of Life (QoL) over 90 days. Results showed a significant improvement in physical and social functioning, emotional well-being, and energy levels, and a significant decrease in emotional limitations, fatigue, and pain levels in the first 30 days. Publication information to follow.

MMJ Summit Team
LECOM and Ayr Wellness Research Team. From the left: Dr. Zachary Heeter, Dr. Edward Miller, Dr. Marla Bowie, and Mark Kelley.