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Primary Care Olympics Challenge Students’ Physical Skills

Annual competition promotes a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

LECOM students were caught up in the big competition at the start of February.  Not the Super Bowl, but the Primary Care Olympics took them out of the bitter winter cold and into the hot competition at the LECOM Medical Fitness and Wellness Center.

Fourteen teams of LECOM Erie students and residents competed in the Primary Care Olympics 2013.  The teams tested their physical skills in basketball, cycling, golf, running, swimming and a cardiac step challenge.

Organized by Primary Care Department Chair Richard Ortoski, DO, the Olympics promote wellness and interest in primary care.  More than 100 students from LECOM and physicians from the MCH residency programs took the challenge to see who among them was the fittest and most skilled.

Making a special trip from Greensburg, the team representing LECOM at Seton Hill 2015 and 2016 classes took the gold medals back to their campus with the highest scores.  The Erie Class of 2016 won the silver medals and taking time off from preparations for graduation, the Class of 2013 won bronze.

LECOM Students in pink shirts on step blocks

LECOM female student in yellow tank top on bike in LECOM Fitness Center

LECOM students racing passing baton in race on indoor track

LECOM President Dr. John Ferretti and Provost Dr. Silvia Ferretti supported the Olympics and came out to cheer for the competitors.  Executive Director Tyler Travis and his staff at the Wellness Center made the facility ready for the Olympics and helped keep the events running. Amy McCray and the Healthy Foods Café crew kept the participants fueled with food and beverages.

Behind the scenes assistance was provided by Helen McKenzie, Jerri Thompson, Lynn McGrath, Regis Galvin, Pierre Bellicini, Tara Elton, Sarah Taylor, Marilyn Traci, students and other employees.

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity of promoting Mind, Body, Spirit and Wellness!