Doctor of Pharmacy Program

The LECOM Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Degree program provides a solid background in patient-centered care and prepares its Pharm.D. graduates to become effective members of the health care team for all areas of practice.

How Does it Work?

The Doctor of Pharmacy program at the LECOM School of Pharmacy offers pathway choices: a year-round, three-year curriculum in Erie, PA a traditional four-year program in Bradenton, FL and a four-year distance education curriculum in Bradenton. Prior to applying to the LECOM School of Pharmacy, students attend a minimum of two years at accredited undergraduate schools and three or four years of professional pharmacy education at LECOM. The innovative, year-round curriculum at the Erie campus enables students to earn their degrees and enter the pharmacy profession one year earlier. Both curricula offer the same spectrum of didactic courses, credit hours, and pharmacy practice experiences.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program integrates science and therapeutics into modular and hands-on practical experience. The professional program is structured around an outcomes-based curriculum where the integration of basic sciences, pharmacy practice, and professional experiences is emphasized. Students are exposed to an early involvement with pharmacy practice experiences that provides valuable learning experiences for their future careers as pharmacists. This also allows a progressive development of students’ professional communication skills, as well as a true appreciation of pharmaceutical care concepts. A strong emphasis is placed on professionalism and life-long learning.

Osteopathic Relationship

LECOM opened the School of Pharmacy to further the college’s mission to prepare the next generation of health care professionals through the whole-person philosophy of osteopathic medicine.

Community Involvement

LECOM encourages student involvement and leadership in community service activities. LECOM students continue to demonstrate that “The Community is Our Campus”. The students are actively involved in various community service events on our campuses and in their local communities.


The College designed its facilities so that each and every detail lends itself to the mission of teaching students how to care for patients. All LECOM facilities offer the latest instructional technology. Lecture halls have ‘smart classroom’ equipment with wireless and wired computer network connections for student laptops. Classrooms offer multi-media presentations, and in the larger lecture halls, instructors control and illustrate presentations from a computer tablet at the lectern. An online learning management system is available to augment student learning. The LECOM School of Pharmacy curriculum includes laboratory demonstrations and hands-on exercises, which prepare our students to compound extemporaneous and intravenous preparations. Students also participate in small group sessions to develop application, communication, and other skills needed for the pharmacy profession.