Four-Year Florida Pathway Curriculum

P1 Fall

Pharmacy Drugs and Healthcare

Biochemistry I

Pharmaceutics w/lab I

Physiology and Anatomy

Pharmaceutical Calculations

P1 Spring

Biochemistry II

Microbiology and Immunology

Pharmacist Provided Care I

Pharmaceutics w/lab II

Pharmacy Law

Drug Information

Effective Communications


P2 Fall

IPPE Experience

Basic Pharmacokinetics

Research Methods and Pharmacoepidemiology

Pharmacist Provided Care II

Professional Elective

P2 Spring

Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry I

Drug Literature Evaluation

Clinical Skills

Pharmacotherapeutics I

Pharmacotherapeutics Recitation I

Pharmacy Practical Essentials I


P3 Fall

Pharmacotherapeutics II

Pharmacotherapeutics Recitation II

Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry II

Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Management and Patient Safety

PharmD Seminar I

P3 Spring

Pharmacotherapeutics III

Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry III


Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes

PharmD Seminar II

Pharmacy Practical Essentials II

Professional Elective


P4 Year

APPE Experience

Pharmacy Practical Essentials III/IV