Three-Year Pharmacy Pathway Curriculum

P1 Fall

Biochemistry I

Drug Information I



Pharmacy Drugs & Healthcare

Pharmacy Calculations

P1 Winter

Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab

Biochemistry II

Effective Communication in Pharmacy Practice


Pharmaceutics II

Pharmaceutics II Lab

Research Methods and Epidemiology


P1 Spring

Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab

Basic Pharmacokinetics

Biochemistry III

Pharmacist Provided Care

Pharmacy Practice Essentials I

Pharmacotherapeutics I with Principles of Pharmacology

Sterile Dosage Forms with Lab

P1 Summer

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE):

IPPE Institutional

IPPE Community


P2 Fall

Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry I

Pharmacotherapeutics II

Pharmacotherapeutics II Lab

Professional Elective

P2 Winter

Clinical Laboratory and Physical Assessment

Drug Information II

Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry II

Pharmacotherapeutics III

Pharmacotherapeutics with Lab III

Pharmacy Practice Management


P2 Spring

Patient Safety and Medication Related Errors

Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry III

Pharmacotherapeutics IV

Pharmacotherapeutics with Lab IV

Pharmacy Law

Professional Elective

Pharmacy Practice Essentials II

P2 Summer


Pharmacotherapeutics V

Pharmacotherapeutics with Lab V

Professional Elective

PharmD Seminar


P3 Year

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE):

APPE Institutional

APPE Community

APPE Inpatient/Acute Care Medicine

APPE Ambulatory Care

APPE Elective (2)

Pharmacy Practice Essentials III

Pharmacy Practice Essentials IV