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Legacy of Learning Reflected in Updated LECOM Shield

30th Anniversary logos also unveiled

A newly designed shield logo has been developed to include LECOM’s most recent undertakings, along with the design of two versions of 30th Anniversary logos.

LECOM 30th Logo

A four-quadrant shield is displayed above the founding date of 1992. Atop the emblem, sits the renowned Lake Erie sunset adorned with nine emanating rays symbolizing the nine principles of osteopathic medicine and the light and truth that derive from scholarship. The vertical center of the shield depicts the Rod of Asclepius – the symbol of osteopathic medicine, the teaching philosophy and core of training that underpins an exceptional medical education. It holds the focal center to emphasize the overarching osteopathic principles that imbue all of the medical disciplines and the whole of a LECOM medical education.

In the upper left quadrant of the LECOM shield is found the Bowl of Hygieia, representative of Pharmacy practice, health, and hygiene.

The lower left quadrant represents the LECOM Graduate Studies Programs, specifically, the School of Health Services Administration and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. It displays the Lamp of Learning, representative of an inextinguishable passion for knowledge that is instilled and infused in the LECOM progeny and passed as a torch to each successive generation of scholars as their graduate studies lead to a higher state of knowledge.

The upper right quadrant symbolizes the LECOM School of Dental Medicine displaying two Greek letters: Delta and Omicron.  Delta is the triangle, representing dentistry; Omicron symbolizes Odont (tooth) and it is firmly interwoven with Delta. The image bears 32 leaves representing the 32 teeth in permanent dentition, and those leaves flank the everpresent Rod of Asclepius.

The newly added LECOM School of Podiatric Medicine is represented by a caduceus and the traditional Greek symbol of Hermes’ winged foot, and it features the familiar snake of wisdom winding around the winged staff.

The whole of the shield is encircled by a laurel wreath (Laurus nobilis) representing academic achievement, triumph, and success. The laurel also has been associated with the curative powers of Apollo, the father of Asclepius.

30th Anniversary Logos

A 30th anniversary edition of the shield includes a banner adorning the bottom of the shield with the phrase “30 Years of Excellence” and flanked by the years 1992 and 2022.

LECOM 30th Logo

A complementary 30th anniversary logo was also developed with a solid blue shield encircled by a laurel wreath.

LECOM 30th Logo

The 30th anniversary will be observed and commemorated throughout 2023.

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