The mission of the LECOM Psychiatry Residency Program is to provide Residents with a comprehensive structured cognitive and procedural clinical education in both inpatient and outpatient settings that will enable them to become competent, proficient, and professional osteopathic psychiatrists.

Millcreek Community Hospital is the largest psychiatric inpatient facility in Northwestern Pennsylvania (and only D.O. Hospital). Residents are exposed to all facets of Psychiatry that allow the Residents to be well rounded in the field. The program also is active in the multiple supportive services of mental health such as Crisis and Case Management.

The rotation schedule represents a multifaceted approach which thoroughly accommodates the requirements for Residency as put forth by the American Board of Psychiatrists and Neurologists (ABPN). Residents enjoy the opportunity to gain proficiency of practice in a variety of clinical settings, including working in the public, private and rural sector. Also, the entire patient spectrum is represented in terms of working with children/adolescents, adults and the elderly.

The residency program is affliated with the following institutions: Millcreek Community Hospital, in conjunction with the LECOM Institute for Behavioral Health, the Achievement Center of LECOM Health, Stairways Behavioral Health, Barber National Institute, and Safe Harbor, as well as many other agencies in Erie County, participates in the education of Psychiatry Residents by offering specialty rotations to enhance the scope, volume, and variety of cases for both core and elective rotations.

Meghan McCarthy D.O
Meghan McCarthy, D.O.
Program Director, Psychiatry
(814) 868-2476