As a Resident or Fellow, you are eligible for the benefits contained within the benefits guide. The guide answers some of the basic questions you may have about your benefits. Please read it carefully, along with any supplemental materials you may receive. View a summary of GME benefits for trainees at LECOM.

GME Stipend Levels

We are pleased that you have chosen to explore LECOM GME as a possible training site. The cost of living in Erie, Pennsylvania is low, while our resident and fellow salaries are comparable to our peer institutions including those in small cities. The Graduate Medical Education Committee and the LECOM Governing Body unanimously approved the stipend levels below.

Family Medicine AY 2024-2025

Year 1$55,706.79
Year 2$56,843.66
Year 3$57,980.53

Psychiatry AY 2024-2025

Year 1$53,433.03
Year 2$54,569.92
Year 3$55,706.79
Year 4$56,843.66

Transitional Year AY 2024-2025

Year 1$50,022.42

Child and Adolescent Psych AY 2024-2025

Year 1$64,645.73
Year 2$64,645.73

Orthopedic Surgery AY 2024-2025

Year 5$57,980.53

Podiatry AY 2024-2025

Year 1$52,152.68
Year 2$53,311.62
Year 3$54,470.57

Sports Medicine AY 2024-2025

Year 1$64,645.73