Only PAs with certification can be accepted into the program. Certification exams occur after graduation. As long as you will complete the certification before the matriculating year, you can submit your application. Each matriculating year at LECOM starts in the last week of July. PAs who graduate in December typically take the PANCE in January which would permit you to matriculate the following July. PAs who graduate in August would typically not have certification until September, missing the start of classes and would have to apply for the following year. Although not a requirement, we do recommend a minimum of 2 years of practice experience for consideration.

You need to have at least one course of organic chemistry (4 credits with lab) and one course of physics (4 credits with lab). These requirements are mandatory and cannot be waived. Online courses are acceptable as long as they are from accredited colleges or universities.

APAP applicants have an average of over 5 years of clinical experience. Recognizing this, there is no time limit on these courses. As long as they are at an undergraduate or equivalent level, they will be accepted, providing you have received a “C” or better.

The application process is competitive. You can still apply, pending that you provide a plan for taking these courses and will have completed the courses prior to matriculation. However, if an acceptance is offered contingent on completion of the courses, your seat cannot be held, meaning other applicants who have all course requirements completed and accept an offer for a seat may fill all seats available. It is highly recommended to have all courses complete prior to application or by the fall semester of the application year at the latest.

Yes, as with all LECOM applications you must have a minimum 2.7 GPA.

Recognizing that alternative measures can be used to demonstrate the ability to handle challenging curriculum and that GPA is more predictive of successful completion of medical school, we utilize the LECOM Academic Index Score (AIS) as an alternative for outstanding applicants who have not taken the MCAT. The AIS is calculated using your SAT and/or ACT and your cumulative GPA, which is provided to us by AACOMAS. That GPA does take into account all GPAs from undergraduate and graduate education. A minimum AIS of 110 is required.

Documentation of the scores will be required. Scores can be obtained from the testing agencies. SAT and ACT scores are also often reported on high school and college transcripts which can be accepted.

The formula is designed so that both your GPA and your SAT and/or ACT scores impact your overall score. Remember, the GPA used is the cumulative GPA. If you have a high cumulative GPA, but a lower SAT and/or ACT score, you may still meet the minimum score. Keep in mind that the AIS is not the only requirement. Meeting the minimum AIS requirement may qualify you for an interview, but does not guarantee admission. Admission is granted after a cumulative evaluation of each applicant.

No, if you do not have either the SAT or the ACT, you must take the MCAT and receive the minimum score for consideration in offering an interview. LECOM is one of only a handful of medical schools who offer an alternative to the MCAT, but we must have either the MCAT or AIS for each applicant, no exceptions.

At this time, only the MCAT, SAT, or the ACT is accepted.

Currently, we accept 12 students; six (6) Undeclared seats allow the graduate to seek any specialty upon graduation and six (6) Primary Care seats require the graduate to seek a primary care residency and work in primary care for five years following residency.

All applications must be completed online through AACOMAS. The application cycles opens up each year in May. Due to the highly competitive nature of this program, early application is recommended.

Once you have submitted your AACOMAS application, please email the APAP Administrative Coordinator so that additional information can be gathered.