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Class of 2015 Erie Receives Their First Stethoscopes

The medical class of 2015 experienced a right of passage on Monday, January 23, 2012 as each student received their first stethoscopes. President of the Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association, Frank Tursi, D.O, was on hand to present these first year medical students with their stethoscopes and evoke some words of wisdom as they continue their medical education.

Students in lecture hall for stethoscope ceremony at LECOM Erie

Over 200 students were present to receive their first stethoscopes donated by the active membership of the POMA. This ceremony marked the first major milestone in the career of a medical student.

“A stethoscope is more than just a medical instrument, it shows a sign of confidence to a patient, it opens up the medical doors and displays a sign of responsibility” said Tursi, D.O. To a student, this is their first step into transitioning to becoming a full-fledged physician. Not only is this an instrument needed for their future courses, but also it’s a symbol to remind a student why they want to become a physician and helps give the feeling of being a doctor. A stethoscope helps to remind a student to treat a patient with care and compassion and that it is just as important to pay attention to not only what you see, but to what you hear as well.

Professor presenting first stethscope to student in class.

Frank Tursi, D.O., presents Jimmy Demeo, class of 2015 president, with his first stethoscope.

A stethoscope will walk with the student throughout their years of being a physician. It’s an instrument that will withstand the test of time and most likely be the only one they ever wear. “The stethoscope I wear today is the first one I got thirty years ago,” said Tursi, D.O.

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