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Award recognizes LECOM and its health system partners for Commitment to Erie

Millcreek Health System wins new business leadership award

The Millcreek Health System received recognition for its growing presence in Erie, Pa. and for the investment it has made in its employees and in the health of the community.

LECOM and Millcreek Community Hospital (MCH) were among the winners at the first ever Commitment to Erie Awards presented at the Erie Bayfront Convention Center.  The health system members were the only education and health organizations to win this prestigious honor recognizing the best of Erie businesses and institutions.

The Erie Times-News newspaper developed the awards to tell the stories of progress, commitment and hope in the way the people of Erie collectively go about business, earn their livelihoods, give back to the community and look after each other.  The Commitment to Erie awards shine a spotlight on the businesses and organizations, large and small, that demonstrate a commitment to their community that goes beyond the bottom line.

LECOM and Millcreek Community Hospital, along with its partners Medical Associates of Erie (MAE), the Millcreek Manor Geriatric Education and Care Center, and the John M. and Silvia Ferretti Medical Fitness and Wellness Center were nominated in the nonprofit category for organizations with more than 25 employees.

The awards committee considered the expansive growth of what is becoming Erie’s premier academic health campus that includes the hospital, nursing home, physician offices, the wellness center and the college.

In addition, the students and employees of LECOM and its partners are committed to community service as seen in the thousands of hours of volunteer service.  The College has stepped up when the community called for new investments and support.  With the purchase of the LORD Corporation property, LECOM was an integral part of the effort to keep manufacturing jobs in Erie.  The College is providing funding for Erie County Emergency Service computers that wirelessly connect ambulances and fire trucks connected to the local dispatch center.  The Erie County Library has added new computers for children and their parents to use with a grant from LECOM.  The Millcreek Health System has been a major player in the development of physician offices and health care facilities throughout the county and continues to seek ways that improve the health of Erie’s citizens as well as its economy.