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American Osteopathic Association Names ‘Guardians of Profession’

LECOM President-CEO, Provost Among Those Honored by AOA

John M. Ferretti, DO, FACOI, President and CEO of the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), and Silvia M. Ferretti, DO, Provost, Senior Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs, are among the osteopathic physicians to be honored by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

The AOA recently announced its “Guardians of the Profession.” The DOs named to the list have been instrumental in advancing the culture of osteopathic medicine by virtue of having served in local, state or national leadership roles, according to the AOA. In addition, those named as Guardians have demonstrated a strong sense of pride in the osteopathic medical profession.

“Celebrating DOs who lead, serve, inspire and live each day as examples of what osteopathic physicians should be — and disseminating their stories of courageous work — makes our profession that much stronger,” said Norman E. Vinn, AOA President. “As osteopathic physicians, we are passionate about serving our patients through all phases of their health care.”

In addition to Dr. John Ferretti and Dr. Silvia Ferretti, a number of other Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine with LECOM connections were honored as Guardians of the Profession:

  • Jimmy DeMeo, OMS3, Erie, Pa., campus of the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine; Region I Student Representative, Council of Student Affairs, American Osteopathic Association; Region I Trustee, Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA).
  • Carlo J. DiMarco, DO, Regional Dean of Clinical Medicine, Professor of Ophthalmology
  • Ronald A. Esper, DO, FACOS, FAOCFP, Millcreek Health System Board Member (Emeritus); former Professor of Surgery, Erie, Pa., campus
  • Robert J. George, DO, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Bradenton, Fla., campus
  • Pamela Goldman, DO, Physician Advisor, Executive Health Resources, Newton Square, Pa.
  • Robert G. Glinski, DO, RPh, MBA, CPE, Associate Clinical Professor of Family Medicine, Bradenton, Fla., campus
  • Suzanne K. Kelley, DO, MPA, Member, LECOM Board of Trustees
  • Brian A. Kessler, DO, FACOFP, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Lillington, N.C.
  • Patrick F. Leary, DO, FAOASM, FACSM, Clinical Professor of Family Medicine; Director, LECOM Sports Medicine Fellowship Program; and Head Team Physician, Erie BayHawks
  • Eric J. Milie, DO, Internal Medicine Residency Director, Millcreek Community Hospital; District 7 Trustee, Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association (POMA)
  • Joan L. Moore, DO, MA, Member, LECOM Board of Trustees
  • Christopher S. Poggi, DO, Poggi Family Practice, Somerset, Pa.
  • Thomas A. Quinn, DO, Clinical Professor of Family and Occupational Medicine, Bradenton, Fla. campus
  • Joseph W. Stella, DO (deceased), LECOM Board of Trustees
  • Richard R. Terry, DO, FAAFP, FACOFP, Regional Dean, Chief Academic Officer, Lake Erie Consortium for Osteopathic Medical Training
  • Frank M. Tursi, DO, Family Practice, Millcreek Community Hospital; Third Vice President, Board of Trustees, American Osteopathic Association

More about the American Osteopathic Association (AOA)

Serving as the professional family for more than 104,000 osteopathic physicians (DOs) and osteopathic medical students, the American Osteopathic Association promotes public health and encourages scientific research. In addition to serving as the primary certifying body for DOs, the AOA is the accrediting agency for all osteopathic medical schools and accredits hospitals and other health care facilities.

Continually working to advance the distinctive philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine, the AOA strives to:

  • Enhance the value of AOA membership
  • Protect and promote the rights of osteopathic physicians
  • Accentuate the distinctiveness of osteopathic principles and the diversity of the profession
  • Support the efforts of DOs to provide quality, cost-effective care to all
  • Collaborate with others to advance the practice of osteopathic medicine