Computer Policy

Portable computers serve as valuable tools for research activities, particularly in field settings, allowing for the collection, recording, and analysis of information. The information gathered in the field can subsequently be transferred to desktop machines for permanent storage and further analysis. It is important to note that the use of portable computers by students, even when involved in faculty projects, is strictly prohibited. Additionally, these machines will not be loaned for on-campus word processing or for use in the immediate region.

Prohibited Conduct:

  1. Unauthorized Alteration of System Software or Hardware:
    • Altering system software or hardware configurations without proper authorization is strictly prohibited. Any actions disrupting or interfering with the delivery or administration of computer resources are also not permitted.
  2. Unauthorized Access to Accounts and Files:
    • Attempting to access or accessing another individual’s account, private files, or email without explicit permission is strictly prohibited.
  3. Misrepresentation in Electronic Communication:
    • Misrepresenting oneself as another individual in electronic communication is not allowed.
  4. Violations of Copyright and Software Agreements:
    • Installing, copying, distributing, or using software in violation of copyright, license, and/or software agreements, as well as applicable state and federal laws or regulations, is strictly prohibited. The use of computing resources for commercial or profit-making purposes requires written authorization from LECOM.
  5. Interference with Other Users:
    • Using computing resources in a manner that interferes with other users’ access to shared resources or their activities is not permitted.
  6. Non-Aherence to Department or Unit Policies:
    • Failing to adhere to the policies, procedures, and protocols of individual departments or units regarding computer lab and system usage is prohibited.
  7. Unauthorized Access Provision:
    • Allowing access to computer resources by unauthorized users is strictly prohibited.
  8. Illegal Activities:
    • Using computer resources for any illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
  9. Excessive Network Traffic:
    • Users must ensure that their use of computer resources does not generate an inordinate amount of traffic that adversely affects other users.
  10. Use of Multiple Devices:
    • Attaching more than one computer to an individual’s data jack is not permitted. Multiple machines or hubs are strictly prohibited.
  11. Compliance with LECOM Internet and Email Policies:
    • Using computer resources in violation of LECOM Internet or Email policies is strictly prohibited.

Users are expected to familiarize themselves with and adhere to these standards and guidelines to maintain a secure and efficient computing environment with LECOM.