Cell Phones

This notice serves to establish guidelines for the use of cel phones within the LECOM community. Please be advised of the following regulations:

  1. Minimization of Cell Phone Usage:
    • Cell phone usage should be kept to a minimum.
    • It should never interfere with ongoing classes or work activities.
  2. Prohibition of Cell Phones in Class:
    • The use of cell phones during class sessions is strictly prohibited.
  3. Cell Phone Usage While Driving on LECOM Business:
    • The use of cell phones while driving on LECOM business is prohibited.
  4. Prohibition of Cell Phone Cameras and Texting:
    • The use of cell phone cameras or texting is strictly prohibited during working hours or when driving on LECOM business.

These guidelines were established to maintain a focused and productive environment within the LECOM community. It is imperative that all members adhere to these policies to ensure the safety and efficiency of our educational and work environments.