Research is a key part of the LECOM mission to prepare well-qualified healthcare professionals. To meet the educational goals of research, the college provides laboratory space and encourages research by faculty members and students.

LECOM Research Collective

The LECOM Research Collective and the Office of Research maintain laboratories at the campuses in Erie and Bradenton. Faculty members conduct research with varied disciplinary focuses that represent the scientific and scholarly interests of the school and endeavors to be on the forefront of osteopathic biomedical research.

LECOM Center for Drug Information and Research

The LECOM School of Pharmacy established the Center for Drug Information and Research as both a repository of prescription medication information and as a  learning tool for pharmacy students.  The Center was established with a mission to provide students, faculty, preceptors, and the public with timely independent, best evidence analysis and commentary on pharmaceuticals and healthcare policy as it relates to pharmaceuticals. The Center is proactively providing useful, scientifically accurate drug information to the largest audience possible.

LECOM Research Protocols

LECOM activities that may involve research on human subjects or laboratory animal care and use must comply with applicable federal, state or local rules, regulations and guidelines. LECOM has committees that provide regulatory oversight and guidance in these areas. Individuals who plan efforts in any of these areas must receive formal approval from the appropriate compliance committee prior to commencement of the project. More information can be found here:

LECOM Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Protocol

Human Subjects Protection/Institutional Review Board

LECOM Research Day Presentations and Publications

LECOM holds annual Research Days that allow students and hospital residents to showcase their research projects.  In addition to conducting research, LECOM faculty members are reporting their findings in notable journals and publications. Click here to learn more about Research Day Presentations and to see where LECOM faculty members have been published in recent years.