Element 9.7: Financial Aid and Debt Counseling Sessions

The College of Osteopathic Medicine must provide its students with counseling to assist them with financial aid applications and debt management.

Below is a list of financial aid and debt counseling sessions that are (or will be) offered to students.

  1. Interview Day: All applicants selected for interviews receive financial aid and budget information.
  2. OMS 1: Matriculates to LECOM participate in a Financial Aid Entrance Counseling session during Orientation. First-time borrowers are also required to complete the Online Entrance Counseling at studentaid.gov.
  3. OMS 2: During the OMS 2 year, students are required to attend a Debt Management presentation.
  4. OMS 3: When OMS 3 students return to campus for one of the four mandatory Clinical Skills Workshops, students attend a financial aid update presentation.
  5. OMS 4: Exit Counseling: Prior to graduation, all OMS 4 students, as well as students who withdraw and students considering an extended leave of absence, receive exit counseling in accordance with federal regulations. Students also complete the Online Exit Counseling at studentaid.gov.
  6. During all four years, students are encouraged to review the AACOM Financial Aid Debt Management Modules at https://www.aacom.org/news-reports/news/2019/02/05/aacom-launches-2019-financial-aid-debt-management-modules. Each module contains specific information and resources to help students borrow strategically as well as ensure they are prepared to responsibly repay their loans after they graduate and enter residency training.  Students who complete 50% audio and 100% of the slides will receive a certificate.

In addition to the above sessions, students may meet at any time with a financial aid counselor on campus. Students are provided periodic updates regarding loan and scholarship information, application processing, billing and refund procedures, and changes in financial aid regulations. Information is emailed, mailed, and/or is provided in the Student Affairs Newsletter. Detailed financial aid information is also available to all students via the myLECOM portal, the LECOM website, lecom.edu.