Pre-PharmD Enrichment and Pharmacy Post-Baccalaureate Program Curriculum

All coursework within the Pharmacy Post Baccalaureate Pathway and Pre-PharmD Enrichment Program (PEP) curriculum is presented virtually via synchronous lectures and recorded materials.

The programs are two-semester, non-degree granting courses of study designed to enhance the science background of participating students.  Classes are held daily Monday through Friday for two 15-week periods.  Classes are not held on designated holidays, and other holidays or occasions as so identified.

Students will earn 15 credit hours per semester based on the standard calculation of 15 hours of instruction per each credit hour.  Post-Baccalaureate and PEP students must adhere to all policies and procedures as outlined in the LECOM Academic Catalog and Student Handbook.

Course Topics

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Biological Science IBiological Science II
Organic Chemistry for PharmacyIntroduction to Pharmacy Calculations
Pharmaceutical Sciences IPharmaceutical Sciences II
Biological Organic ChemistryIntro to Pharmacology
Critical Thinking
Pharmacy PracticeIntroduction to Medical Chemistry

Please note that the curriculum is subject to change.  Download a full list of course descriptions.