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LECOM at Seton Hill Awards White Coats to the Class of 2016

The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine at Seton Hill (LECOM) Class of 2016 medical students took the next step in their medical education at the Seton Hill University Performing Arts Center in Greensburg on Saturday, September 29, 2012.  LECOM presented white coats to 112 first-year medical students.  The ceremony is an important rite of passage for medical students. As they approach the midway point of their first semester of medical school, the students are moving from pre-clinical education to more clinical, hands-on training.

White coat ceremonies have been around for less than twenty years, but have now become a tradition at medical schools.  Physicians have been wearing white coats for more than one hundred years.  The white coat is a symbol of integrity and professionalism.

Philip Miller, D.O., LECOM Class of 2006 spoke to the class of 2016.

Ten years ago, LECOM Class of 2006 graduate Philip Miller, D.O., attended his own white coat ceremony. Today, he stood before the Class of 2016 to tell them what the importance of that white coat meant to him.  Dr. Miller is now the director of the Osteopathic Principles and Practices course for LECOM at Seton Hill.

As he began his clinical training at LECOM, Dr. Miller had the chance to travel to Romania and work at a hospital in that country. He demonstrated his osteopathic medicine skills, the hands-on treatments that relieved pain and helped healing of the Romanian patients.  The physicians treating those patients were so impressed with his abilities as a medical student, they invited him back for a second clinical rotation and his demonstrations sparked a desire to teach that brought Dr. Miller back to LECOM to work with medical students.

In reciting the Osteopathic Pledge of Commitment, members of the Class of 2016 promised to uphold the high standards of the osteopathic medical profession and administer compassionate, quality care to their patients.  It was certainly a day of extreme pride for the accomplishments they have achieved up to this point.  The students are looking forward to what lies ahead.

Christopher Olson, D.O., of Shamokin Dam, Pa. represented the Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association (POMA), at the white coat ceremony.  Ernest Gelb, D.O., of West Pittston, Pa. represented the American Osteopathic Association. POMA donated the white coats and stethoscopes distributed today.

Others in attendance included LECOM President John M. Ferretti, D.O., LECOM Provost Silvia M. Ferretti, D.O. and Irv Freeman, Ph.D., J.D., Vice President for LECOM at Seton Hill.

The LECOM at Seton Hill Class of 2016 after receiving their white coats.

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