Reporting Crimes

Any person who is the victim of a crime, either on or off campus, is encouraged to report the incident to the appropriate law enforcement agency. In addition, witnesses, as well as professional and pastoral counselors, are encouraged to report known crimes on a voluntary, confidential basis. Moreover, the LECOM Department of Police and Security reports crimes occurring on campus or non-campus buildings or property to the federal and state government as required by law.
Reports can be made in the following manner:

  • Emergencies or crimes in progress should be reported to the police by dialing 9-1-1 from any campus telephone.

Non-emergencies can be reported in the following manner:


  • To the Erie Police by dialing (814) 870-1125, or in person at Erie Police Headquarters, located at 626 State Street, Erie, PA 16501.
  • To the Millcreek Township Police by dialing (814) 833-7777, or in person at Millcreek Township Police Department, located at 3608 W 26th Street, Erie, PA 16506.
  • To the LECOM Campus Police and Security by dialing (814) 866-8415 from outside the building, or by dialing 8415 from within the building.
  • Reports can be made in person to the LECOM Campus Police and Security Office, which is located next to the north entrance to the LECOM complex.

LECOM Bradenton:

  • To the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office by dialing (941) 747-3011, or in person at the Sheriff’s Office, located at 515 11 Street, Bradenton, FL 34205.
  • Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office by dialing (941) 316-1201, or in person at the Sheriff’s Office, located at 2071 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34237.
  • To the LECOM-Bradenton Security Office at (941) 782-5908, or in person at the Security Office, located at the security entrance to the building.

LECOM Seton Hill:

  • To the Seton Hill Campus Police by dialing Office (724) 830-4999 or officer on duty cell phone (724)244-2192.
  • Greensburg Police Department by dialing (724) 834-3800.
  • Pennsylvania State Police (724) 832-3288.

LECOM at Elmira:

  • Elmira Police Department
    (607) 735-8600
  • Chemung County Sheriff
    (607) 737-2987, ext. 104
  • New York State Police
    (607) 739-8797
  • LECOM Security Office
    Located inside the main entrance
    250 West Clinton Street
    Elmira, NY 14901
    (607) 442-3510

LECOM Police and Security will refer or investigate all reports of criminal activity received from any source. Investigations of serious crimes will be referred to the Erie Police, Millcreek Township Police, or state or federal law enforcement agencies, as appropriate.

As stated earlier, the Erie Bureau of Police or the Millcreek Township Police Department have primary jurisdiction to conduct criminal investigations within the City of Erie. LECOM Police and Security will assist the Erie Police and Millcreek Township Police on investigations involving LECOM, as necessary.

In addition, LECOM Police and Security will investigate any criminal incidents on the LECOM campus that are not investigated by the local police, as a result of being a low priority.

Procedure for Reporting Sexual Assault

  • If you are the victim of a sexual assault, there are several options for you to follow:
  • Contact the police or LECOM Police and Security for assistance.
  • At this point, an immediate criminal investigation will be initiated.
  • You will need to get immediate medical examination and treatment.
  • The examination will determine if you need treatment for injuries or Sexually Transmitted Diseases or pregnancy.
  • The examination will also result in the collection of evidence that can be used to identify and convict your attacker.
  • You will be offered the services of counselors who specialize in assisting victims and the families of victims of sexual assault.
  • Seek medical attention on your own.
  • The hospital will treat you and collect the necessary evidence.
  • The hospital will notify the police and rape crisis center on your behalf; however, it is your decision to make if you want them involved.
  • Even if you do not think that you want to press charges at the time of the medical examination and treatment, it is important to obtain the evidence in case you change your mind at a later date.
  • Rape crisis counselors can give advice, assistance and accompany you through the process.
  • The Rape Crisis Center provides counseling free of charge and is available 24-hours per day.

Important Points to Remember Concerning Your Actions After a Sexual Assault:

  • Prior to going to the hospital after the assault, do not shower, change your clothes, eat, brush your teeth, smoke or use the bathroom.
  • In reporting sexual assault, the victim controls the entire process. Although LECOM, law enforcement, and the Rape Crisis Center all encourage the victim to report the incident for prosecution, it is ultimately the decision of the victim to determine how far he or she intends to cooperate.
  • If the victim does not want criminal prosecution and the victim and perpetrator are both LECOM students, the incident can also be administratively resolved through the LECOM Disciplinary Process as detailed in the Student Handbook.
  • Remember, sexual assault will not go away the next day. The victim will need to work out psychological and emotional issues. This can best be done with the assistance of the LECOM Behavioral Health Department that can provide necessary evaluation, referral and follow-up.