FAQ College of Medicine

Before Applying

Does LECOM have a dress code?

The professional environment at LECOM is maintained in part by requiring students to dress professionally while they are on campus during daytime hours. Professionally dressed medical providers are deemed to be more competent by their patients. Competency in caring for patients is a self-fulfilling prophecy; by having professional dress become second nature to our students, patients see them as more competent. This drives the student to become more competent in caring for their patients, creating a mindset that inspires confidence and ensures a positive impression. The dress code is published in the academic catalog.

If I have applied in previous years, will my file be looked upon negatively?

No, each admission cycle’s applications are considered independently from previous applications. The admissions committee can view a past candidate status, but they will take into account improvements that have taken place since the last submission.

Can I fulfill required courses at a community college or an online class?

Yes, we will accept required classes from any regionally accredited 4-year college, university or community college. Online course can be accepted for any of the course pre-requisites. If taking a science requirement online, make sure that it includes a 1 credit lab. While we will accept online science credits, it is recommended that the majority of your science pre-requisites be completed on campus.

Is a DO Letter required?

LECOM no longer requires a letter from a DO. It is recommended but not required for a final decision to be made on your application post-interview.

What letters of recommendation are required by LECOM?

LECOM requires a letter from a pre-health advising committee. If your school does not have a pre-health advising committee you may submit two letters from science faculty who have taught you in class as a substitute. Please do not submit your letters prior to being selected for an interview.

Will my file be rejected if I submit it without my MCAT score?

Your file will not be rejected if your MCAT score has not been reported or if your MCAT is planned for a later date. Your application will be placed on hold and you will be invited to submit your Academic Index Score (AIS). The AIS is a calculation based on your total overall GPA and your SAT or ACT scores from high school. This score can be used in place of the MCAT. Our average AIS score for the class entering in 2018 was a 120. If you would prefer not to submit this information, then your application will remain on hold until updated MCAT scores are received. You can calculate your AIS score here: AIS Calculator.

What courses will be accepted for behavioral science credits?

LECOM accepts psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, and ethics courses for the behavioral science requirements. If the course is not specifically listed under one of those departments at your university but covers an appropriate topic we can still accept it toward those credits. An example of this would be a Bio-ethics course that has a Biology course number.

What are your GPA and MCAT averages?

The 2018 entering class had an average MCAT of 503. The average science GPA was a 3.4 and the average overall GPA was a 3.5.

Does LECOM accept AACOMAS fee waivers for the secondary application?

Yes, if you received an AACOMAS fee waiver we will honor that for your secondary fee.  Please submit your application, skip the payment section, and send a copy of your fee waiver to admissions@lecom.edu.  Once your application has been submitted and the waiver received we will process your application.

Do I need to fill out a separate application to be considered for the Seton Hill and Bradenton campuses?

The application process for Erie and Seton Hill is one joint process while Bradenton is a separate admissions process. To be considered for all 3 campuses 2 applications would be required.

What is the cost of attendance?

The cost of attendance can be found here, College of Medicine Tuition and Financial Aid.

Where can I view the admissions requirements for the program?

Admissions requirements can be found here, College of Medicine Entrance Requirements.

What are the application deadlines?

The final day to submit your AACOMAS application is April 1. However, it is advantageous to apply as early as possible.

After Applying

Can I be selected for an interview without having submitted my letters of recommendation?

Yes, you can be granted an interview and even attend the interview without the required letters of recommendation. However, an admissions decision cannot be made on your file without all required letters so we recommend that they are submitted by the date of your scheduled interview.

When will I be able to view if I am missing any requirements up on the portal?

The list of course and letter requirements will appear on your portal once you are selected for an interview. We will mark these requirements as complete, or note any deficiencies prior to your interview. Please allow time for these to be updated as they must be reviewed and entered manually by the admissions staff. This is usually completed 1-2 weeks prior to your interview.

If I haven’t finished all of my course requirements will my file still be reviewed?

Your file will still be reviewed even if course requirements are in progress. All course requirements must be completed by July 1st of your matriculation year. If you are accepted while still in the process of completing courses, your acceptance will be contingent upon completing the requirements by the July 1st deadline.

How long does it take to find out a decision after my application is placed under review?

The decision making process can vary depending on the number of applications we have received and how many interview seats we currently have available. The applicant pool continues to become more competitive every year. Some applicants may find that their status has been “under review” for quite some time. In this case, the admissions committee may look favorably on your application but due to competitive applicants and limited interview slots we are unable to offer you an interview at the time of initial review. In this case, your application will remain under review in the hope that we will have more interview seats become available.

What does it mean when it says my status is under review?

If your status is currently under review, the admission committee has received the required documents to make a decision on your file regarding interview selection. The admissions office will contact you directly if additional documentation is needed.

When do I fill out my supplemental application?

If you meet our minimum application requirements we will send you an invitation to fill out a supplemental application after your primary application has been processed. You will receive an email with a username and password to log in to our website at portal.lecom.edu. You will find the supplemental application under the admissions tab.

How can I submit my letters of recommendation?

The preferred method for submitting letters is to submit them directly through your AACOMAS application. We can also accept letters through Interfolio, Virtualevals, emailed to admissions@lecom.edu, or mailed to 1858 West Grandview Boulevard, Erie, PA 16509. Please make sure that you, the applicant, are clearly identified in the letter and that all letters are signed by your recommenders. Letters submitted through an online service will only be downloaded and updated on your student portal at the time of your interview.

When do I need to submit my letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation do not need to be submitted until you are scheduled for an interview. If you are using an electronic service such as Interfolio, Virtualevals, or the AACOMAS letter delivery system, we will be able to download those at any time. Due to the high volume of applications we receive it is preferable if letters that are being submitted via the postal service or email be held until your interview is scheduled to reduce the risk of hard copy letters being misplaced.

Interview Questions

Is there a guarantee of receiving my top choice of learning pathway?

There is no guarantee of receiving your top choice. This decision is based on time of year during the application cycle and the competitiveness of the applicant.

When do I choose a pathway of learning?

The pathway choice that will take place only at the Erie, PA campus will be made during your interview. After speaking with faculty, staff and students, applicants will rank the pathways based on preference. If accepted the applicant will be placed in the top available pathway.

Is the interview separate for each pathway?

No, you select your preferred pathway on the day of your interview and the interview process is the same for all applicants.

Can I still be accepted if all of my courses are not yet completed?

You can still be accepted if all courses are not complete. Your acceptance would be contingent upon the completion of the missing requirements. The deadline for this contingency would be July 1 of your matriculation year.

What can I expect on the interview day?

Interview days begin at 8:00AM with a presentation covering information about LECOM, the programs we offer, and the learning pathways. This is followed by a group interview, an open Q&A with one of our administrators, an individual interview, financial aid presentation, and campus tour. The day concludes by 1:00PM after a complimentary lunch with current students.

Students interviewing at LECOM Seton Hill and LECOM Bradenton will also participate in a PBL demonstration as Problem Based Learning is the primary learning pathway at those campus locations.

Will I need to bring any additional materials if selected for an interview?

The only item required for your interview is a state or government issued photo ID. Upon arrival you will check in with our security office.

After Decision

I have already received all of my vaccines, do I need titers?

Yes! Lab documentation of positive titers for MMR, Varicella, and Hepatitis B are required even if you have proof of immunization. Immunity can weaken over time and you may be required to receive a booster shot if your lab results come back negative. Some of the vaccination series can take months to complete which is why we require documentation prior to admission. This guarantees you will not have delays when it comes time to start your clinical rotations.

What if I do not meet my conditional acceptance requirements?

You will have until July 1st to complete any contingencies. If you are unable to successfully complete all requirements your application will be withdrawn.

How do I complete the background check and drug screen?

A background check and drug screen are required prior to matriculation. You will complete this through Verified Credentials. Specific instructions and an access code will be provided in the matriculation packet.

What documents will I be required to turn in for matriculation?

Once we receive your deposit, an email will be sent to you with both the matriculation packet and information about financial aid. The matriculation packet will contain all required documents. The due date for these documents will be based on your acceptance date and will typically give you 2-3 months to complete your requirements. The required forms are as follows: Certification Form for Participation in Osteopathic Principles & Practices Lab, Record Release form, Health Insurance Enrollment (if participating in the LECOM student health plan), Health History Form (self-reported), Physical Exam Form (signed by a physician), and an Immunization Record and Report form (signed by a physician). The packet will contain other important information as well so please be sure to read it carefully.

Can I switch pathways after I am accepted?

Yes, you can choose to switch learning pathways between the interview day and the start of classes. This will depend on the availability of seats in the desired pathway. The last available date you can switch pathways is at the end of your first semester. After that semester, the curriculum will vary between pathways.

Is the admissions deposit refundable?

The admissions deposit is non-refundable, but it is applied to your first tuition payment.

If I am accepted to the program, can I defer to the following year?

Deferrals are only granted when an accepted student is deployed by the military.

Do I need to submit my official transcripts if I am accepted?

Yes, AACOMAS does not forward official transcripts to our office. You need to submit an official copy from your University upon the completion of your degree. Additionally, a transcript must be submitted from any school that you took pre-requisite courses at.

When will I hear back about an acceptance if I am waitlisted?

Unfortunately, there is never a good answer to this question. Waitlist movement varies from year to year based on a number of factors and there is no way for us to predict how many seats we might have open up or when this will occur. We accept applicants until the start of the semester and try to give as much notice as possible to make the transition into medical school easier.

Is your waitlist ranked?

Selection from the waitlist is not based on a ranking system. There are many other factors taken into account when selecting an applicant off of the waitlist including interview feedback, letters of recommendation, and information provided in your application. Candidates are never selected based solely on their test scores and GPA. The admissions committee does a careful review of files to make sure we are selecting those applicants who would be the best fit for the LECOM community.