Goals and Objectives for Teaching Core Clinical Rotation

Students are instructed to review our competency-based goals and objectives for their rotations. Also listed are the most frequently encountered problems/disease entities in each of the core rotations. Realizing that the students may not actually encounter all these problems while on rotation, they are encouraged to review them in depth. Physicians instructing LECOM students during the Core Clinical Rotations should also review this information so that they may incorporate this into their teaching rounds, reading assignments, and other clinical instruction. More information regarding clinical education policies for LECOM students may be found by clicking for the LECOM Clinical Clerkship Manual.

  • Core Competencies for OMSIII and OMSIV Clinical Rotations
  • Common Problems in Emergency Medicine
  • Common Problems in Family Medicine
  • Common Problems in Internal Medicine
  • Common Problems in Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Common Problems in Pediatrics
  • Common Problems in Psychiatry/Behavioral Science
  • Common Problems in Surgery