Roger Biringer, Ph.D.

About Roger Biringer, Ph.D.

Dr. Roger Biringer of LECOM Bradenton

Dr. Roger Biringer is a protein biochemist with over 30 years’ experience in industry and academia. He has a B.A. in Chemistry and Biology from UC Santa Cruz and M.S. in Chemistry from San Jose University. He received his Ph.D in Biochemistry from University of Santa Cruz in 1985 and a postdoctoral appointment in the Department of Chemistry of the same university in 1987.

Current Research Interests

Dr. Biringer is currently directing two projects: “Characterizing Na, K-ATPase activity and endogenous ligands in migraine” and “Fractionation of Samples Containing Potential Cancer Biomarkers”. The former is part of a collaborative effort with Huntington Medical Research Institutes and Thermo Scientific.

On-going Research Projects

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Serratia Marcescens Virulence on the Ocular Surface

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Bacterial Attachment to Contact Lenses

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Bacterial Survival in Commercially Available Contact Lens Solution

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Intraocular Growth of Serratia Marcescens

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