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Faculty Profile

Kathleen Detar Gennuso, D.H.C.E., M.S.B.L.E.

Kathleen Detar Gennuso Headshot from LECOM

Master of Science in Biomedical Ethics

  • Teaching Area

    Healthcare Administration

  • Education

    DHCE, Doctorate in Healthcare Ethics – Duquesne University; MS, Business Leadership and Ethics – Duquesne University; BS, Library and Information Science – University of Pittsburgh

  • Campus Location

    5000 Lakewood Ranch Blvd. Bradenton, FL 34211
    Phone: (412) 414-9392


Dr. Gennuso was instrumental in the creation of LECOM’s Masters of Science in Biomedical Ethics (MSBE) Program and served as program director. After a successful career in organizational ethics and change management where technology was the catalyst for the change, Dr. Gennuso had the opportunity to be the first student in Duquesne’s Bioethics Doctorate Program to come from a business background. With the skills developed throughout her career in technology and organizational leadership, she began to address the problem of limited, accessible information pertaining to patient rights and compliance for frontline clinicians – when and where they need it most – at the bedside. Her organization, the Institute of Consultative Bioethics (ICBioethics), was founded in 2011. ICBioethics was built around the vision of creating a technology solution to a problem that affects everyone: how can we incorporate ethics effectively into daily health care in such a way that informs and protects organizations, practitioners, and patients alike? After working with LECOM for several years, Dr. Gennuso was asked to develop the Master of Science Program in Biomedical Ethics, launched in 2018. She joined LECOM as the assistant program director and associate professor. This program’s applied ethics education strives to move learners beyond knowledge acquisition and skills development to behavioral changes that result in a higher level of professionalism and the delivery of top-quality, patient-centered care.