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Julie A. Brown, Ph.D.

Julie Brown FROM LECOM Faculty

School of Dental Medicine

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  • Education

    University of Virginia

  • Residency

    IRTA Fellow, Laboratory of Molecular Virology, National Cancer Institute; Staff Fellow, Experimental Immunology Branch, National Cancer Institute

  • Campus Location

    5000 Lakewood Ranch Blvd. Bradenton, FL 34211
    Phone: (941) 405-1616


Dr. Brown completed her Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology from the University of Virginia and served in post-doctoral and research staff fellow positions at the National Cancer Institute, performing research in molecular virology and immunology. She held faculty positions at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and the University of Pittsburgh, working on HIV-host immune interactions and cancer biology, respectively. Current research is to elucidate the nature of the inflammatory response in periodontal disease by determining cytokine gene expression in gingiva from healthy and periodontitis patients. She presented her findings at the American Association for Dental Research Targeted Symposium on Precision Oral Health Research to which D2 student Elborz Safaradeh won a travel award.

Selected publications:

1. Brown, J. A., Bharathi, A. Ghosh, W. Whalen, E. Fitzgerald, and R. Dhar (1995) A mutation in the Schizosaccharomyces pombe rae1 gene causes defects in poly A+ RNA export and in the cytoskeleton. J. Biol. Chem. 270 (13): 7411 – 7419. PMID: 7706287
3. Howcroft, T. K., L. A. Palmer, J. Brown, B. Rellahan, F. Kashanchi, J. N. Brady and D. S. Singer (1995) HIV Tat represses transcription through Sp-1-like elements in the basal promoter. Immunity 3: 127-138. PMID: 7621073
4. Brown, J. A., T. K. Howcroft, and D. S. Singer. (1998) HIV Tat protein requirements for transactivation and repression are separable. J.AIDS & Hum. Retr. 17: 9. PMID: 9436753
5. Weissman, J. D*., Brown, J.A.,* Hwang, J., Howcroft, T.K., Chawla, A., Roche, P.A., Schiltz, L., Nakatani, Y., Smale, S., and Singer, D. S. (1998) HIV Tat Inhibits TAFII250 Histone Acetylase Activity. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 95:11601-11606. *authors contributed equally. PMID: 9751712
6. Kolls, J K., Habetz, S., Vasquez, C., Brown, J.A., Lei, D., Schwarzenberger, P., Ye., P., Nelson, S., Summer, W.R., and Shellito, J.E. (1999) Interferon-gamma and CD8+ T-cells restore Host Defenses against P. carinii in mice depleted of CD4+ T-cells. J. Immunology 162(5):2890-2894. PMID: 10072538
7. Liu, W., H. Xin, D. T. Eckert, J. A. Brown, J. R. Gnarra, (2011) Hypoxia and cell cycle regulation of the von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor. Oncogene, 30, 21–31. PMID: 20802534
8. Xin, H.*, Brown, J.A*, Gong C. H.*, Fan, H., Brewer, G., and Gnarra, J.R. (2011) Association of the von Hippel-Lindau protein with AUF1 and post-transcriptional regulation of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A mRNA. Molecular Cancer Research, November, 15, 2011 molcanres.0435.2011. PMID: 22086907